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Gits Logo #3   Ghost in the Shell Gallery

The Ghost in the Shell Gallery has several images and many sound bites from the movie, including a 3 minute movie trailer for your enjoyment.

Robotech Banner   Robotech Gallery

The Robotech Gallery has over 200 one-of-a-kind images, 16 Real Audio clips, including all of the full length versions of Lynn Minmei's songs. There are separate galleries for the UN Spacy and the Zentraedi fleets with sub galleries of all your favorite Characters and Mecha.

MP 005b   Macross Plus Gallery

The Macross Plus Gallery has over 50 images of your favorite characters and Mecha. Including a Sharon Apple Concert Hall, with a one-of-a-kind special "English Version" of Myung Lone's "Voices."

PL 002b   Plastic Little Gallery

The Plastic Little Gallery has about 50 images of your favorite characters in 3 separate galleries. Including one gallery dedicated to the beautiful ladies of Plastic Little bearing it all, need I say more!!

Eva Banner   Neon Genesis Evangelion Gallery

The Neon Genesis Evangelion Gallery has about 50 images in 3 galleries. A Character gallery, an Eva gallery and the full 97-98 School calender.

Aki 005   Akira Gallery

The Akira Gallery has 16 of the best images from the Japanimation movie Akira.

Tag Banner   Tits Asses and Guns

The Tits Asses and Guns Gallery, need I say more!!! Ok I will, images of beautiful ladies from Japanimation shows and movies showing it all and carrying guns, enough said!

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