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     The Robotech gallery has over 200 new images that I took from the Robotech video and ran them throw my computer. I ended up with 1000 images, just from the Macross saga. The Robotech gallery has the 200 best images of Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Minmei and the rest of the SDF-1 crew. Including your favorite Zentrady. It has all the action you want in the mecha galleries. Also something special for you Minmei music lovers, a complete collection of the singing sensation Lynn Minmei and other Robotech theme music.

Chose Your Fleet
UN Spacy
UN Spacy

Real Audio Logo Robotech Main Title Song Time: 01:35.5, Size: 382k

Real Audio Logo Robotech End Title Song Time: 00:45.5, Size: 182k

     If you are wondering what the difference is between Robotech and Macross, I found a Time Line of the Robotech and Macross sagas that I think will help you understand. This Time Line shows all of the Macross sagas.
Time Line
Time Line

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