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     This is a site map of all the Real Audio files found at If you have any problems with a Real Audio file please E-mail me and let me know. If you have a suggestion for a Real Audio and/or Real Video selection, please let me know and I will see what I can do. I am always working on the Real Audio selection found at and will be adding more songs soon.

Real Audio files from "Ghost In The Shell"
  2. Ghost In The Shell
  3. Ghost In The Shell Synopsis

Real Audio files from "Robotech"
  1. The Robotech Gallery
  2. The Rick Hunter Gallery
  3. The Lynn Minmei Gallery
  4. The crew of the SDF-1 gallery
  5. The UN Spacy Flag Officers gallery
  6. UN Spacy Mecha Gallery
  7. The SDF-1 gallery
  8. Zentraedi character gallery

Real Audio files from "Macross Plus"
  1. Sharon Apple Concert Hall
    • Idol Talk File Name: idoltalk.rm, Time: 05:40.5, Size: 1,362k
    • Pulse File Name: pulse.rm, Time: 05:22.3, Size: 1,290k
    • A sai ën File Name: asaien.rm, Time: 01:21.7, Size: 327k
    • Bad Dog File Name: baddog.rm, Time: 03:56.1, Size: 945k

  2. Character Gallery

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