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     MidnightAnimation.com is your one stop for all your Japanimation needs. Images and RealAudio from Ghost In The Shell, Robotech, Macross Plus, Neon Genesis Evangelion and many more from your favorite Japanimation movies and shows.

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     This is my first major update, I have expanded the Ghost in the Shell gallery with many images never before seen on the net, and if you have they got them from MidnightAnimation.com. I have replaced the banner adds and the Amazon logos with Anime Nation. Once you visit Anime Nation you will understand why I have changed companies. The main reason for the change is simple, I made no money with the old banners and very little with Amazon. Anime Nation offers a very wide selection of Japanimation related items, from VHS, DVD's, Posters, Shirts and many more items that I will start to list on my On-Line store. When you click on a Anime Nation Banner or Link and then buy something from Anime Nation I receive a commission on what you buy. This is very important to keep MidnightAnimation.com up and running. I try to use only the best on MidnightAnimation.com including my server. I use a high speed and reliable company to host my site and this cost me every month. If you like what you see on MidnightAnimation.com and are going to buy Japanimation related items please buy them through my site at Anime Nation to keep MidnightAnimation.com going.

     Enough with the sells pitch and back to Anime. I am going to start to work on a new Japanimation title to add to MidnightAnimation.com. As I work through the titles I will mostly only use images that I am able to get through means other then the net, like running the title through my computer to produce the images. This will give you new, fresher and larger images then ever before found on the net. Please read my copy right page before you use any image found on MidnightAnimation.com and do not e-mail to ask me how I get the images, I will always take the 5th on that question. I am starting to build a very large DVD collection that I am working from. If there is a title that you would like to see at MidnightAnimation.com please e-mail me and let me know. If you see a gallery that you like and want to see more images of please let me know. I have about 1000 images from Robotech and about 800 from Ghost in the Shell, all never before displayed on the net in the size and quality that are found in those two galleries. At this time only Ghost in the Shell and Robotech are images of my own making. I will be working on transforming all of my galleries to this form of imagery, just tell me what title you would like done next.

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